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Antique Buddha statues hold different meaning for different people according to their beliefs. Some may regard them as having great religious and spiritual importance, while some may regard these statues as valuable pieces of rich history and take them as one of the gems of their collections. Similarly, these Buddha statues also signify peace, fortune, harmony, contemplation and generosity for each and every human being. Buddha statues also provide symbolic gestures of concentration and inspiration for the enthusiast of meditation.

The antique Buddha statues in our gallery have gone through time and they carry a history within themselves. These statues are popular for their uniqueness as well as variation of styles in them and are rare in the world, especially the ones from 19th century. These rare and antique Buddha statues are sought after by many collectors, museums and art historians all over the world.

Coming from the rich historical importance of Burma and other Southeast Asian nations, the antique Buddha statues in our gallery are the rarest and oldest Buddha statues found all over the world. Known for their sheer uniqueness and history, the Antique Buddhas in our gallery originate from various Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist temples and various private collectors from the region.

Buying antique Buddhas

We spend several months each year travelling around Burma and other Southeast Asian nations to search for beautiful, rare and original antique Buddha statues. Our frequent visits to the region has made us familiar with the culture and the locals and have learnt a lot about Buddhist art and have created a big network of monasteries and collectors in  Burma. This developed relation with them has helped us acquire plenty of rare, beautiful and antique Buddha statues and have made us capable of delivering them to the Buddhist art collectors anywhere in the world.

As we purchase our antique Buddha statues from private individuals, collectors, monasteries and temples in Burma and other countries, which are willing to part with their Buddhist art, we ensure that these pieces of history are authentic and make sure the artifacts are not stolen. We have no policy of dealing with stolen artifacts; therefore, all the Buddhist art items and statues in our gallery are exclusively authentic.

The antique Buddhas we have in our gallery have different styles, different poses known as Buddha Mudras and date back to many periods of history in Burma. Every style has their own history and origins while they may differ as per the region of origin too.

Along with the sale of antique Buddhas, we also provide information about origins of various Asian Buddhist antiques and Buddha statues. They are:

Antique Buddha statues in Bagan, Burma          Antique Buddha statues in Bagan, Burma

Next to antique Buddhas and other asian antiques, we also provide background information about Buddhist art and the meaning / explanation about Buddha statues.

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