Antique Buddhas

Antique Buddha statues or Antique Buddhas as they are normally called,

antique buddha statues

are one of the most sought after Buddhist artifacts all over the world. These antique artifacts are more than the iconographic representations of the Buddha because of the history they carry within them as they have gone through the test of time which includes many battles, eras, monarchs, etc. Not only they were and still worshipped by many Buddhist followers, but they were treated with utmost respect, which was and still is considered as paying homage to the Buddha.

The antique Buddhas have been popular for the sheer uniqueness they present offering various styles depending upon the era and region of origins. Most of the antique Buddhas have been originated from Buddhist nations like Burma, Nepal, China, Japan, etc. The antique Buddhas are crafted using many kinds of raw materials like wood, marble, lacquer, bronze and stone. Their uniqueness is often portrayed by the styles and the postures or mudras, they depict. With each mudra portraying different Buddhist principles and iconic moments in the life of the Buddha, it is considered that the antique Buddhas have the original charisma of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddhas. While Buddhism has been able to make its mark in various countries of Asia, the iconographic representation of the Buddha hs remained relatively constant in these countries. As Buddhism evolved in the course of history, each Asian culture chose the texts and practices of Buddhism and specific antique Buddhas became common in different regions of the continent. The identities, the style of depicting the Buddha in statues and diverse materials in which they are venerated are merely touched upon by the variations in styles.

Antique Buddhas in our gallery

We have the biggest collection of rare and antique Buddhas which are specifically originated from Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and other Asian nations collected over many tours which are operated every six months in a year. The antique Buddha statues in our collection have been crafted using many raw materials like bronze, wood, marble, lacquer and stone. The antique Buddhas in our gallery come from the Burmese Buddhas from Shan, Pagan, Mandalay, Ava and Pyu periods along with many other Buddhist artifacts from Burma. Similarly, we have successfully collected antique Buddhas from many historical eras of Thailand, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam and other countries where they have their own styles of Buddhist art and Buddhist values.

The frequent visits to these countries have made it possible for us to develop special relationship with many personal collectors, Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist temples who are willing to part with their antique Buddhas. If you want to be in possession of one of these special, rare and antique Buddha statues, then visit us at our antique Buddhas gallery in the Netherlands to choose the best suitable Buddha statue for you or from our online antique Buddhas gallery. We sell completely legal and authentic Buddha statues as we have no policy of dealing with stolen statues.

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