Antique Buddhas For Sale

Antique Buddhas, or antique Buddha statues,

Antique Buddha For Sale

as they are known otherwise, are the symbol of peace and compassion for many Buddhist followers. These representations of the Buddha not only represent him in his physical characteristics but also symbolize the hidden meaning and principles of Buddhism within themselves. Being an antique piece of art, the antique Buddhas also carry the history with them as they were carved centuries ago in order to pay respect to the awakened one, the Buddha. Similarly, the craftsmen and sculptors sculpted these antique Buddhas by mixing the local indigenous tradition with the main Buddhist tradition. This can be seen as there are many variations of antique Buddhas depending upon the region of origins of the Buddha statues. In fact, when Buddhism spread across Asian, the religion was embraced by the local indigenous people in a very good manner and the religion did not force the locals to change the tradition of arts and culture to the ones which were in India, the birthplace of Buddhism. Therefore, the antique Buddhas for sale in many places may vary according to the region of origin.

The antique Buddhas have been part of Buddhist lifestyles for years for they have been treated with utmost respect even though the religion of Buddhism does not encourage idol worshipping. Moreover, these statues have been the objects of inspiration for the Buddhist disciples as the monks and nuns inspire to attain enlightenment, to be the next Buddha. These antique statues have also been well used by the practitioners of meditation as they treat the Buddha statues as an object of inspiration as the Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation. The antique Buddhas can be a great decorative object as they not only beautify the surroundings but they also radiate the feeling of peace and calm around the surrounding. Meanwhile in many Buddhist nations like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, the Buddha statues are taken as the symbols of prosperity and good luck. That is why many Buddha statues are kept in many homes, offices, restaurants and public places. So where can you find these antique Buddhas for sale?

Antique Buddhas for sale in our Gallery

Antique Buddhas are great pieces of arts and beliefs as they reflect peculiar styles as well as tradition behind the statues. They also remind us to embrace the spiritual path and practice spiritualism which may help us attain the ultimate truth for a peaceful and a happy life. Antique Buddhas, as they are crafted centuries ago, are very rare to find and are considered the gems of the collections of many antique collectors around the world. There are many Buddha galleries claiming to have a collection of antique Buddha for sale, but none of them match the collection of these special antique Buddhas for sale like the ones of Antique Buddha statues gallery which is located in the Netherlands. Alongside antique Buddhas, the gallery also houses various other Buddhist artifacts like miniature Buddhist shrines, laughing Buddhas, antique Buddhist manuscripts, prayer wheels, etc.

Our Buddha gallery also houses Buddha statues from many Asian countries like Chinese Buddha statue, Nepali Buddha statue, Tibetan Buddha statues and Japanese Buddha statues to name a few. This is a result of our frequent travels to many Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, China, etc every few months in a year to look for special and rare antique Buddhas. Our frequent visits to these countries have helped us develop a special relationship with many Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist temples and personal collectors who want to part with their antique Buddhas. These antique Buddhas are then, imported to our Antique Buddha statues gallery in the Netherlands to be kept for sale in a complete legal way. So there remains no question regarding the authenticity of the antique Buddha for sale in our gallery. If you are looking for such rare and antique Buddhas for sale for you or your loved ones, please visit us at our online antique Buddha statues gallery.

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