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Antique Buddhas have been one of

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the most sought after antique artifacts all over the world. These artifacts not only represent the Buddha in his physical form but also the characteristics of Buddhist principles in these antique Buddhas. Though there are many Buddha statues and iconographic representations of Buddha being carved at every corner of the world, only few of them carry as much essence of Buddhist principles as carried by the antique Buddha statues. Since the commencement of the religion of Buddhism, which is based upon the teachings of the Buddha, it has been evident that the Buddha statues started to appear originally from Gandahar region. With the spread of Buddhism all over Asia, carving of Buddha statues and other Buddhist art spread throughout the continent. Subsequently, the styles of antique Buddhas varied depending upon the region of origins. These variations can be clearly seen after observing the antique Buddhas from China, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, Tibet and other countries.

The unique artistic characteristics, representation of Buddhist principles, different portrayal of the Buddha, etc are few of the reasons why people around the world are looking to buy antique Buddhas to showcase them in their antiques collection. The antique Buddhas, with their religious as well as spiritual importance, have made their way far along the course of history as they have been revered by the followers of Buddhism across the world for ages. They were basically used to pay respect to the Buddha, the enlightened one as idol worshipping is not a part of rituals in Buddhism. These antique Buddha statues have also been used by many meditation practitioners as the object of inspiration throughout the history as the Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation. Similarly, people all over the world buy antique Buddhas to beautify their surroundings as they act as great decorative objects. These antique Buddhas not only beautify the surroundings but also transform the environment into a peaceful and serene one. This is also one of the reasons for the antique Buddhas to be one of the most sought after artifacts in the world. So where to buy these antique Buddhas which not only are rare but are very difficult to find?

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Antique Buddha statues are very rare pieces of artifacts given that they carry their own history and story behind them as they were originally crafted centuries ago by special craftsmen who wanted to depict the Buddha in their art work. Having said that, they are special to the ones who follow Buddhism and also to the ones who are looking to collect them. We, at Antique Buddha statues are proud to be in possession of the largest collection of rare, authentic and antique Buddhas collected from various Asian countries where Buddhist art have flourished in the course of time. Every six months, we travel to the Burma, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and other Asian countries in search of special and rare antique Buddhas.

By travelling to the above mentioned countries frequently, it has been possible for us to develop special relationship with many Buddhist art dealers, personal collectors, Buddhist temples and monasteries who want to part with their antique Buddhas. This is the reason for us to able to create a huge collection of the antique Buddhas and also leaves no questions regarding the authenticity of the antique Buddhas we have for sale in our antique Buddhas gallery in the Netherlands. If you want to purchase or buy antique Buddhas which are completely authentic and original for your home and office, do visit our online antique Buddha statues gallery.

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