Collecting Antique Buddha Statues

Buddha statues are unique artifacts which

Collecting Antique Buddha Statues

represent the awakened one. They are taken as great symbols of peace, compassion, fortune, happiness and motivation. The follower of Buddhism, known as Buddhists, consider Buddha statue as the ultimate symbol of internal satisfaction which enlightens our mind, heart and soul. According to the Buddhist mythology, Buddha statues are the symbol for various subjects. They symbolize a person's inner feelings and also hold a great meaning for those who practice meditation. As Buddhism is considered as something new in the western world, it is the interest and intrigue of the Buddha statues is understandable. More and more collectors and religion enthusiast are looking for Buddha statues, especially the ones which are antique i.e. antique Buddha statues. The antique Buddha statues carry their own history as they are sculpted in different age of time. These statues have held an important meaning for Buddhists for many years and have gone through the test of time. Even though the Buddhists do not follow idol worshipping, they used these antique Buddha statues to pay respect to the Buddha and his vast knowledge about life and happiness. They also took it as a symbol of inspiration so as to get rid of attachments and find the ultimate peace of mind.

Moreover, these antique Buddhas are unlike their modern counterparts which are crafted for commercial purpose. They were specially carved and sculpted so as to represent various Buddhist principles like the Noble Eightfold Path and the Four Noble truths and more general concepts like balance, generosity, peace, and wisdom. Today, Antique Buddha statues are one of the most sought after antique artifacts of the world given that they serve various purposes. One of the most notable purposes is the religious as well as spiritual purpose they serve. As mentioned earlier, the antique Buddhas not only represent the Buddha in his physical appearance but they depict the teachings of Buddhism in one way or the other. Various body parts and their poses, gestures, position, etc represent particular teachings of the Buddha. Another reason for the collectors to collect antique Buddha statues for the decorative purpose as they serve as great decorative pieces and are considered the gem of the collections for many antique collectors. These antique Buddhas can also be considered as a great gift for the loved ones who follow Buddhism. So where can you find these antique Buddha statues?

Antique Buddhas is proud to be the largest collector or rare and antique Buddha statues in the world. Our collection consists of hundreds of antique Buddhas for Sale which are collected after years of research and exploration in many Asian countries. You can also visit our collection in our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands.

Collecting antique Buddhas

The Antique Buddha statues in our collection are collected by directly importing them to our gallery in the Netherlands from Burma and other Southeast Asian nations who specialize in Buddhism and Buddhist artifacts. We travel to Burma and other neighboring regions every year for few months in search of the rarest and the most special Buddha statues, as a result of which we have had the privilege to have the largest collection of these antique Buddha statues. It has been possible for us to collect antique Buddha statues after years of perseverance and research in the reason. It certainly has not been an easy task for us while collecting antique Buddha statues. It has been possible for us to collect these rare Buddhist artifacts as our frequent visits to these regions have helped us develop a wonderful relationships with many authentic Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries, Buddhist temples and personal collectors from Burma who want to part with their antique Buddha statues. Therefore, there remains no questions regarding the authenticity of the Buddha statues in our collection as we do not have any policy of dealing with stolen Buddha statues as we consider that the theft of such historically and religiously important artifacts undermine the importance of these antique Buddha statues.

If you are looking for collecting antique Buddha statue to your collection you can feel free to visit our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online Buddha statues gallery.

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