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Golden Buddha Statue

Golden Buddha Statues

The Buddha, one of the most revered religious as well as spiritual leaders in the history of mankind, has been represented in many artistic forms like statues and paintings. These representations of the Buddha not only depict the awakened one in his physical form, but they also symbolize the teachings of the Buddha himself. One of these iconographic representations of the Buddha is Golden Buddha statue. The history of these golden Buddhas remains uncertain as no one knows when the first golden Buddha appeared. One of the most famous golden Buddha statues is the one which is said to have been crafted in Sukothai era of Thai history. The Sukothai style of art is considered to be influenced heavily from the Indian metal figures of the Buddha. That is why this particular Golden Buddha is believed to have made in India used to be taken to various countries for installation. This suggests that this particular Golden Buddha statue may have been cast in parts in India.


According to the craftsman and sculptors, most of the Buddha statues are firstly carved out with the main raw material such as wood, metal, plaster, etc. Then the carved statue is later gold-plated so as to make it look like the statue had been made of gold. That is why many Buddha statues sculptors in the old times first carved the wooden Buddha statues and then gold-plated them to make golden Buddha statues. The gold Buddha statue, as it is known otherwise, therefore, is taken as an object of great importance not only in terms of religion and spiritual guidance but also in terms of the monetary as well as financial terms. That is why golden Buddha statue, like the one in the photograph are rare and can only be openly found in Buddhist monasteries and temples.

Golden Buddha statues for sale

Goldplated Buddha statues are special and rare Buddha statues, specially the antique ones. These antique Golden Buddha statues carry their own history and story behind them as the were carved centuries ago by special craftsmen whi who wanted to depict the Buddha in their artwork. Antique Buddha statues has the largest and the biggest collection of rare, antique and original Buddha statuesin the world. The antique Buddhas for sale in our gallery are directly imported from Burma and other Southeast Asian nations. Each year, we travel to the above mentioned region in Asia to research and collect these rare antique Buddhas from many Buddhist temples and monasteries, in which most of them are golden Buddha statue or gold plated Buddha statues. From our frequent visits to these countries, it has been possible for us to develop wonderful relationship with many Buddhist art dealers, personal collectors and Buddhist shrines who want to part with their antique Buddha statues in Burma.

The golden Buddha statues in our gallery in the Netherlands are purchased and imported in a complete legal and authentic way. As we do not have any policy of dealing with any stolen statues, the golden Buddha statues in our gallery are all antique as well as authentic golden Buddhas. We believe the theft of such artifacts do utter disrespect to the values and the history of such antique golden Buddhas. Similarly, our gallery is also home to many kinds of other gold plated Buddhist artifacts which are antique. They are namely miniature Buddhist shrinesGarden Buddha statueslaughing Buddha statuesBuddhist manuscripts, etc.

If you are interested to purchase a golden Buddha for you or your loved ones you are welcome visit our Buddha statues gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online antique Buddha statues gallery.

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