Wooden Buddha Statues

Wood carving has been a form of art

Wooden Buddha Statues

since the inception of arts in human history. Wooden artifacts are known for their delicate details and artistic expressions of the subject. One of the most popular and intruiging form of wooden art are the wooden sculptures of the Buddha, better known as wooden Buddha statues in the world. The fine wooden carvings of the Buddha have been believed to have started about 200 years after the Buddha's death in India. As Buddhism spread across Asia, the carving of wooden Buddha statues is also believed to have flourished in many Buddhist regions as wood is a common material to find in human civilization. These fine wooden sculptures were carved out specially to pay respect to the Buddha. These wooden Buddha statues are especially hand-carved while they statues made their way to many Buddhist monasteries and temples where monks and nuns paid their respects to the awakened one as he was and is still considered as a spiritual leader to them.

The wooden Buddha statues are popular for the detailed physical representation of Buddha in many poses and gestures i.e. Mudras. Moreover, the antique wooden Buddha statues have found their way to the antique collections of many personal collectors as the gems of their collection. These statues, though old, still carry their purpose of not only representing the Buddha but also radiating the vibes of peace and compassion to many Buddhist followers. Wooden Buddha statues have been a common sight in many Asian as well as western countries as they are revered and considered as the bringer of good luck and prosperity. This is also a reason for the wooden Buddha statues to be one of the famous wooden artifacts in all over the world. The wooden Buddha statues are also taken as an object of inspiration by many Buddhist as well as meditation practitioners. This is because; the Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation under a Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India. On the other hand, the wooden Buddha statue are taken as a great objects of decoration as they beautify surroundings with a peaceful and charming look. They can act as a great gift to the ones who follow Buddhism and getting a wooden Buddha as a gift may help strengthen the relationship too.

Wooden Buddha statues in our gallery

Wooden Buddha statues are one of the most popular form of Buddha statues as wood has been the raw material for many kinds of artistic representations in different regions. The wood carving has been an age old form of art and the carving of wood to depict the Buddha is also an age old tradition. Though there are few wood carving done in regards to the Buddha statues, the antique wooden Buddha statuesare also hard to find these days. Antique Buddha statues is proud to have the largest collection of rare, authentic and antique wooden Buddha statues in the world. These wooden Buddha statues are specifically collected after our frequent visits to many Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, Nepal, etc. These visits have made it possible for us to develop a wonderful relationship with many Buddhist art dealers, personal collectors, Buddhist temples and monasteries who want to part with their wooden Buddha statues. After collecting them, we import these wooden statues to our Buddha statues gallery in the Netherlands where we keep these Antique Buddhas for sale and for display. Similarly, our Buddha gallery is also home to various kinds of Buddhist artifacts apart from wooden Buddha statues, They are prayer wheels, miniature Buddhist shrines, Buddhist manuscripts, laughing Buddha statues, etc.

Regarding the authenticity of these statues, we would like our valued customers to know that we have no policy of dealing with stolen antique statues as we believe the theft of such statues undermine the historic as well as religious importance these wooden statues carry with them. Therefore, you can be assured that the wooden Buddha statues you purchase from us are completely legal and authentic.

If you want to purchase a wooden Buddha statue or any kinds of Buddhist artifacts made of wood for you or your loved ones, visit our Buddha statues gallery in the Netherlands or you can visit our online wooden Buddha statues gallery.

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