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Where to place your Buddha statues?

By Devik Balami at
Where to place your Buddha statues

Buddha statues are one of the most notable and identified pieces of Buddhist arts in recent times. Anyone with a keen eye can find or see them or at least have seen them somewhere, almost everywhere in Buddhist countries. People residing in these countries have one at least one Buddha statue, especially antique Buddha statues somewhere: in their garden, living rooms, kitchens, offices, etc. The Buddha statues, more specifically, antique Buddha statues are likened by people around the globe because they look exotic and attractive. They make the spaces and environment around them peaceful and serene. They carry a very important symbol in the hearts of the Buddhist followers while they may simply be the items of decorations for the non-Buddhists.

Buddha statues stand for the hope of peace, harmony and inner balance for every Buddhists and non-Buddhists in the world. This is the reason for them to be so special in the world of artifacts. What makes it more interesting is that they can be found in almost any kind of raw materials. The antique Buddha statues come in various shapes and sizes with varying raw materials such as stone, wood, metals, lacquer, and paper to name a few. The antique Buddha statues carry a special meaning as they have their own history behind themselves; hence they are a bit more expensive than their modern counterparts. Surprisingly, these antique statues also come in various hand gestures and postures of the Buddha, better known as Mudras of Buddha statues. One should also look behind the meaning of each mudras so as to find the suitable mudra for him or her if he or she wants to buy antique Buddha statues. So where to place your Buddha statue after buying it?

Having a Buddha statue in a house is believed to bring calm energy, good health and prosperity in the family. They are known to create a sense of balance in the lifestyle while having the Buddha statues in the offices is considered to be very fruitful in the professional life. There are few things one should consider before he or she place the statue somewhere in their homes or offices:

  • First thing one should consider is what kind of Buddha is it? It may be the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha or a laughing Buddha (happy Buddha), which is one of the most popular Buddha statues. It is considered to bring good luck and wealth. So if you keep a laughing Buddha at home, it is believed to bring success, happiness as well as good health. Recognizing this kind of Buddha statues is easy as they have smiling face, protruding belly and carrying symbolisms of wealth like a pot of gold or a sack with treasures.
  • Buy Buddha statues that are bigger in sizes, or at least as big as possible. Keeping them facing directly at the front door will bring a good vibe to you and your visitors. You can also place them on your side table that is located diagonally opposite to the front door but still facing the door.
  • Buddha statues, specifically Shakyamuni Buddha and antique Buddha statues are not supposed to be placed on the ground or the spots below the soles of the feet. This is considered as a sign of disrespect to the Buddha.
  • Many Feng Shui recommend placing the Buddha statues above the eye level. This is a position of respect and reverence.
  • Students can also place a Buddha statue on their desk where they study, as it is believed to help the students in concentrating and reaching their goals. The desk should be kept clean and uncluttered.
  • Placing a Buddha statue in an unsanitary surroundings like bathroom is not considered good.
  • Similarly, Buddha statues should not be kept near the machineries with moving parts, motors or electrical outputs. The sounds produced by these machines tend to disturb the energy of the surrounding.
  • A garden is a very good place to put the Buddha statue, especially for meditation.

So these are few places where you can place the Buddha statue to have the utmost positive effect on your life. You can buy antique Buddha statue from our online gallery and place the Buddha statues as per your need in your homes and your offices.